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Copper Hair: has Kendall Jenner started a new trend?

Have you noticed on social networks that your favorite influencers and stars have recently adopted a new hair color? Well, here it is, the Copper Hair! This color, which is usually chosen more in autumn, is the big trend this summer. But how did this previously shunned color become the most coveted?

The phenomenon color of Summer 2022

It all started at the beginning of March during Milan Fashion Week when the famous model Kendall Jenner swapped her signature brown for a coppery red and was unanimously acclaimed! Then came the actresses from the cult series Euphoria, Zendaya, Barbie Ferreira and Sydney Sweeney. And in no time at all, the trend was launched!

Copper red: a singular color

An often stigmatized color, red hair is taking its revenge. Synonymous with rarity, this bright, strong color is the best way to stand out. With its natural reflections playing with the light, this subtle color will change from the usual highlights seen with brown or blond hair.

Tips for getting started

To get started, make an appointment with a hair color specialist. He or she will be able to guide you through the different variations of red hair depending on your skin tone and hair base. In fact, there are several reds that can be more or less suited to you; copper highlights for brunettes, flamboyant reds or even soft reds that can lean towards Venetian blond for the lightest hair. A little tip: you can opt for a vegetable-based color (it generally develops more warm highlights).

Care and maintenance of the color we recommend

Red hair is less difficult to maintain than blond hair, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention! To keep this beautiful color for as long as possible, use an antioxidant shampoo to prevent the dye from aging, followed by a nourishing mask so that the hair never dries out and the color does not slip. Tip to keep your red hair looking good for a long time: use a copper pigment mask once a week!

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