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Essential body duo

With the arrival of the beautiful days and the first sun exposures, it is more than necessary to take care of our body and to hydrate it well. Standards has selected these duets that are really worth it for you!

Patyka – Lait corps hydratant fleur d’amandier, 26€
Patyka – Gommage corps revitalisant aux cristaux marins, 26€
The Parisian brand of organic cosmetics seduces us with its light body milk with a non-oily finish and its exfoliation which transports us directly to the seaside! The two ecocert certified products constitute an ideal duo for every moment of everyday life. A mineral and flowery mixture that leaves our skin completely hydrated.

Onirism – Baume Hydratant Botanique, 20,50€
Onirism – Gommage Corps Aromatique, 22€
With its whipped cream texture, the hydrating balm leaves a veil of softness on your skin. As for the aromatic scrub, this is not to be outdone! With shea butter and rosemary floral water, the latter releases a rich vegetable scent which immediately gives us a boost of freshness. We also choose this duo for its eco-responsible aspect. In addition to selecting natural ingredients from organic farming, Onirism, with its glass jars, wants to avoid the use of plastic as much as possible. A global approach that highlights the nature and protection of our ecosystem.

Les Bains Guerbois – Touché velours crème hydratante corps, 79€
Les Bains Guerbois – Gommage fondant aux 3 sels, 49€
This duo signed Les Bains Guerbois offers you a unique moment of well-being worthy of a real Spa! With its creamy cream that deeply hydrates the skin and its exfoliation with 3 exceptional salts that frees the skin from impurities, your body will feel completely relaxed and invigorated.


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