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What to do to protect your skin from pollution?

Since 2019, we see more and more anti-pollution products appearing on the market. This invisible enemy that causes many epidermal discomforts, is the new target of care brands. In 2018, it is more than three million euros that are devoted to these new lines; since the figure does not stop increasing. So what are the real consequences on our skin and how to remedy it? Standards went to the investigation.

First of all, it is important to know that pollution particles are much smaller than the size of our pores, which is why it is easy for them to sneak into the different layers of the skin, even the deepest ones. These particles sensitize the lipids on the skin’s surface that are supposed to have a protective role. Living in the city is therefore more complicated from a dermatological point of view, and here is why.

The consequences of pollution


Irritation and inflammation of the skin are the first signs to appear when the skin is too exposed to pollution. Sensitivity is then triggered and your skin can quickly become intolerant. To soothe your skin after a shower or at any time of the day, we recommend the application of a thermal mist such as Spray d’Eau Thermale Avène or l’Eau Active de chez Embryolisse.


If you do not treat these inflammations or irritations you will face a drying of your skin. Go for an adapted moisturizing cream (see: Moisturizing creams for less than 35 euros: the selection of the editors).


When faced with pollution, a change in the quality of sebum can also occur. This protective and moisturizing substance accumulates near the pores, which then dilate and blackheads and blemishes can appear. We therefore advise you to apply a mask once or twice a week to regulate this excess of sebum (see: The finest purifying masks).


Another factor of pollution on our skin: premature skin aging. The particles can destroy the keratin proteins that protect us from dehydration and therefore cause signs to appear… The lips, for example, are the first victims of pollution. With the thickness of the lip contour being five times thinner than the rest of the skin, this area is particularly fragile and sensitive.


The oxidation of sebum in summer and pollution can explain the appearance of brown spots and hyperpigmentation of the skin. Therefore, we must not forget to apply a sun cream every day to protect our skin (see: Sun protection for the face: the daily must).

But how do you remedy the effects of pollution on the skin? Here are a few simple tips.


We find solutions in our food and in what nature offers us! Indeed, fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. These famous molecules are precious allies for our skin. Indeed, they help our body to form a barrier against oxidation, which creates free radicals that are the main cause of skin aging.


Antioxidant action can also be provided topically. You can therefore turn to skin care products that contain resveratrol and vitamin E. These elements will boost and reinforce the skin’s immune system. 

It is also essential to cleanse your skin to rid it of all polluting particles. Opt for double cleansing for an optimal effect!


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