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Winter: how to adjust your beauty routine?

With each change of season, our skin is faced with a new playground that holds a number of surprises: heat, wind, hail, rain… And winter is no exception to the rule, quite the contrary! With the drop in temperature and the sometimes icy breezes, our skin undergoes daily micro aggressions that tend to make it more fragile. And you must have already noticed that our skin becomes drier and is sometimes more sensitive, which will cause redness in the cheeks. But before you sink into total disarray, here are some products and tips to adjust your beauty routine.

First step: reinforce hydration (especially in sensitive areas)! Indeed, a correctly hydrated epidermis will be better protected against the external aggressions. We therefore take care to use an eye contour that will perfectly moisturize this so fragile area of our face. At Standards, we rely on Wrinkle Blur Bakuchiol Eye from OLEHENRIKSEN. Its formula with bakuchiol, peptides and orchid stem cells will act as a real shield in addition to blurring the wrinkles and fine lines present. Another element not to be neglected: our lips, often the first to suffer from the winter cold. For this, we use the Nourishing Avocado Lip Butter from ORIGINS. Its melting texture with 8 butters and oils of plant origin instantly soothes and deeply nourishes. Little advice for a double action, almost essential in winter: apply the balm before going to bed and let it act during the night. Efficiency guaranteed!

Against redness we grab the Evercalm™ redness relief serum from Ren. A miracle product with White Mushroom extract that, thanks to its ultra-fast action, reduces redness in as little as 30 minutes and soothes skin that’s been battered by the cold. It also fights other signs of sensitivity such as skin dryness, itching, tightness, discomfort, flaky skin and burning. A must-have!

The last element not to be forgotten: the body! In winter, our extremities suffer greatly from the cold. So let’s take care of them, especially our hands, with the Hydra’reset repair masl from Fenty Skin. A most exquisite scent that reminds us of Butta Drop – and that will leave your hands soft and silky.

And to moisturize its body according to its needs, we choose the new Cosmydor body milks. From a range of organic care products, these milks are formulated around an ultra-moisturizing base and a powerful plant-based active ingredient. At Standards, we love the essential care with rosemary which, thanks to the presence of rosemary floral water and essential oil of rosemary, provides a firming effect and releases a simply addictive scent.


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