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5 tips for your mind and your body by Clotilde Chaumet

It’s forbidden to go outside, so we want it more then ever. Sometimes I realise that I wanna go out, or that I’m getting mad because my week-ends and holidays are being canceled. So I remember that this moment is the best time to do everything I want to do at home. Things I usually don’t have time for. We spend our days grumbling that we don’t have enough time for things : here it is. I really think that there is something bigger that forces us to slow down, recenter on ourselves and take a few steps back. Even if I dream of a quick gateway in the nature, I also love being at home and I never get bored.

Here are my 5 tips for your body but also for your mind during this period:

  1. Do a schedule. Since the second day of quarantine I took 30 minutes to think about how I wanted to spend my days. Spend all day stuck, watching Netflix 10 hours a day wasn’t in my plans. So I planned my days, including the time I’m supposed to get up, and time I go to bed, yoga practice, painting, reading etc.
  2. Sleep. We all need some! Usually, I always end my days really late with my classes and It’s a happiness to get in bed early and naturally wake-up early in the morning. And yet, I’m a night soul! But it feels good to follows the sun’s rhythm.
  3. I still practice yoga every day. I don’t want to force myself into a intense sport schedule, it makes no sense to apply to much pressure on ourselves. For me, yoga fit perfectly because it’s way more complete that what people think. At the end of my practice I feel so good. I also do breath work and meditate everyday.
  4. I read way more. Being at home, in the sun without being rushed feels awesome.
  5. Finally, I don’t change anything regarding the way I eat, but I really respect my hunger.

Clotilde Chaumet – @chaumetclotilde


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