Spotlight on the infrared sauna at Octane

A warm, minimalist setting, Octane is the new place not to be missed in your quest to relax and regenerate your body. Located in the heart of the 9th arrondissement, this temple to well-being is a far cry from the classic spaces we know. This brand new Parisian venue offers a modern, high-tech vision of health. And at Standards, it’s the infrared sauna that particularly caught our eye!

Ideal for relaxation and improving blood circulation, the infrared sauna is also known for its benefits, particularly on sleep and vitality. Thanks to the use of infrared rays, Octane’s avant-garde approach provides in-depth detoxification and, unlike traditional saunas, a gentler heat that will relax your body and mind to the very core.

A must for pampering yourself, designed to ensure that your wellness getaway is perfect from start to finish. And it’s all made possible by private areas that allow you to enjoy this moment of solitude throughout your experience (you can also come accompanied). And for your comfort, there’s everything you need: a Bluetooth connection to listen to your favourite tracks, fully-equipped washrooms so you can freshen up after your session… In short, this is a place to visit without delay for the ultimate feeling of well-being!

7 rue La Fayette, 75009 Paris