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My stretch marks and I

Self-acceptance, few words that seem so simple but require so much work. I was not born with self-confidence, although I was never really complexed, I had this small difference that bothered me: stretch marks. As my body evolved, he embarked with him these little lines on my hips. I hated them. I didn’t understand what they were doing there. I thought it was “task”. My first instinct has been to want to eliminate them suddenly from Bi-Oil. I was going to change position at the beach so that they are seen less. I wanted to have a smooth body, a body that does not differentiate. Because this body, I took a moment to accept it. Not easy for a 10-year-old girl, to have almost a woman’s body already. And it’s the 10-year-old girl who was talking to these stretch marks.

And then my relatives reassured me. I realized that I was very lucky to be what I am. Puberty had brought me a special gift, so be it! And even if my weight tends to yoyo – nothing alarming but still a small oscillation of +/- 2 kilos – and that does not help the case: life goes on as they say! It must be said that the #LoveYourLines movement did me a good job. I found these women so beautiful. I was beautiful. Now I love them, my stretch marks. They are part of me, they will always be part of me and it suits me.


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