Manasi 7: natural elegance

Minimalist, selective, pure, natural, these are the words that best describe the Swedish brand, Manasi 7. Founded in 2008 by Susanne Manasi, she chose to put sustainability and efficiency at the center of her eponymous brand. Indeed, after more than 20 years of experience as a professional makeup artist and 6 years in the development of cosmetic products, Susanne Manasi had in mind to develop a brand without any compromise for our environment. From this premise, Susanne Manasi has based herself on 7 essential pillars that she calls the Declaration of (7): Slow – Select – Pure – Natural – Simple – Symbiotic – Contemporary.

Thus, beyond being a simple clean beauty brand, Manasi 7 seeks to use as much as possible ingredients that are 100% from circular agriculture. As a result, products are made in small quantities to minimize waste and support small farmers. In addition, the majority of packaging is plant-based, reusable and/or recyclable.

The brand is not in any way part of a logic of mass production, but is anchored in a sustainable project and offers beauty products whose ingredients are grown ethically and in harmony with the environment. And it is thanks to this method, where the raw materials are carefully selected, that we can find unique shades, notably on the “All Over Colour” blushes or on the “Skin Enhancer“, an organic all–in-one customizable foundation, concealer, eye primer and highlighter that have been developed for a natural result and maximum coverage.

So if you are a fan of conscious and efficient beauty, Manasi 7 is for you.

Photos by Lisa Raio for Standards Magazine / @lisaaraio