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A Nordic winter with L:A Bruket

As winter gently settles in and the cold weather gradually gains ground, it’s time for warmth and comfort in our homes. And what could be better than a Nordic atmosphere straight from the Swedish saunas to wrap our home in softness and a warm smell?

For this, L:A Bruket has designed the perfect duo: Bastu. Meaning “sauna” in Swedish, the range composed of a candle and an indoor diffuser lets delicate notes of pine and cedar take possession of our olfactory atmosphere. A relaxing fragrance that instantly transports us to the world of Nordic spas.

The organic soy wax candle, hand-poured into a hand-blown glass, delicately scents the room with a soft, diffused fragrance, while the diffuser with its natural reed stems promises five months of effectiveness. Enough to make you travel and forget, for a moment, the daily life to the benefit of the relaxing scents of the Bastu range.


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