Alaena: natural and sustainable cosmetics

At the origin, a family story. Alaena is three sisters, a mother dermatologist and a father plastic surgeon. Together, they build step by step a universe that resembles them, inspired by nature and the ocean that is close to them. Indeed, Alaena draws all its strength from the Basque Country, between waves and mountains, this unique link makes the brand an entity in its own right. For the past 3 years, Anne and her mother, Dr Sylvie Peres, have been creating healthy cosmetic products formulated with natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. The entire range is based on simple and effective gestures.

In the shower, the Mango & Avocado Soap gently cleanses the skin while rebalancing the epidermis. Ideal for sensitive skin, it helps reduce redness and imperfections. At any time of the day, L’Eau Alaena will allow you to refresh yourself delicately with its 100% natural fragrance composed of floral notes. For optimal hydration, the Intense Hydratation Mask will be your best friend after a long summer day or for your cocooning winter evenings. And for everyday use, the Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin, formulated without perfume or essential oils, is perfect for the most reactive skin. Its fine texture penetrates instantly and leaves a soft, moisturizing veil.

And our crush go for the Apricot Scrub which transforms into a milky emulsion on contact with water. With its small grains of 100% organic apricot kernel oil and powder, it exfoliates the skin without damaging it and leaves it moisturised.

Pictures by Lisa Raio for Standards Magazine / @lisaaraio
Assistant: MĂ©lina Rard / @melinarard