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Candles: the essentials for a peaceful winter

As temperatures drop and winter sets in a little more each day, the desire for a cocooning evening by the fire is more present than ever. To do this, what better than a hushed atmosphere with soft and woody scents? The editorial staff has selected for you these candles that will make your interiors, real little cozy nests for a perfect winter.

Les Bains Guerbois – Bougie parfumée atmosphère, 55€
Rediscover the iconic scent of the Parisian hotel, this time for your home! An elegant white glass jar with notes of saffron and cardamom and the sweetness of tonka bean, to burn without moderation.

Nicolaï – Boiseries, 45€
An escape in a snap without moving a finger: this is the promise of the Boiseries candle. Nicolaï honors the majestic oak tree by adding subtle spicy notes, the perfect combo for a comforting winter atmosphere.

Frederic Malle – Country Home, 90€
Close your eyes… A corner of the fire in Scotland, the scent of leather, cedar and pine needles, the perfect candle with a name that is none other than Country Home. With this interior jewel, Frédéric Malle transforms your cocoon into a true winter haven of peace.

Equatoria – Sabi Sabi, 19,90€
For those who don’t love woody scents, it’s time for a change of scenery with Sabi Sabi by Equatoria. If winter and cold weather make you feel like going elsewhere, succumb to this delicious candle with scents evoking South Africa. An olfactory journey guaranteed!

L:A Bruket – N°149 – Black Oak, 58€
This last one will offer you a direct way to the heart of the Scandinavian forests. A signature scent that will delicately perfume your home. The little extra? A 100% organic soy wax!

Pictures by Lisa Raio for Standards Magazine / @lisaaraio


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