Get that scrub

For a bright look or the perfect skin texture of your face and body, scrub is a key step you don’t wanna miss in your routine. Here are the must-haves to start the year softly.


Summer Fridays – Overtime Mask, 45€
True cocktail to revive your complexion, the Overtime Mask from Summer Fridays is the perfect ally to help your skin! Indeed, its composition rich in vitamins and pumpkin extract allows to exfoliate gently while bringing light and comfort to your skin.

Rudolph Care – Açai Facial Scrub Mask, 44€
If you’re looking to exfoliate while protecting and moisturizing your skin, call Rudolph Care! The Açai Facial Scrub is the perfect balance between deep scrubing and nutrition to get that baby skin. Careful for most sensitives skin, its power might surprise you.

NEEDLY – Daily Toner Pad, 27,95€
Ideal for a daily use, the Daily Toner Pads signed by Needly are a real Korean skincare treasure! With its functional yet appealing packaging, it will become your top shelf favorite in a blink of an eye. Its pre-soaked pads works amazing if you want to work on your skin texture. To use day and night for the smoothest skin ever!


Susanne Kaufmann – Refining Body Scrub, 62€
For the finest scrub, trust Susanne Kaufmann and its Refining Body Scrub made out fo sea salt and pumice powder. Its fine grain will get rid of dead cells in one use to give your skin that satin touch.

Mantle – The Hot Ex, 38€
An efficient body scrub and way more! It’s the promise made by Mantle with the pre-shower scrub named “The Hot Ex”. A smooth application thanks to the creamy texture which will deeply exfoliate your skin and wrap your body in a freshening feeling.