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My 5000 steps beauty routine

“At a time when it has become (almost) impossible for a woman not to think about her beauty routine, her appearance, the real one, the one you see in the mirror at 8:30 in the morning, with your face puffed up and crumpled up by the pillow; I finally took an interest in mine. And the journey was long…

Between the masks, serums, creams (day AND night otherwise it’s no fun), eye patches, oh I almost forgot, night masks; my little person and my bank account took a good slap. 

Beauty is not an easy thing and it requires patience and failures. Damn… That’s not what I was sold. Not in magazines, not on Instagram. I’m surfing from selfie to selfie and until proven otherwise I don’t look like this when I wake up. Betrayal I feel like Mufasa at the edge of the precipice (ok I’m such a drama girl)!

But I haven’t given up. Drink 1.5L of water a day: I’m going to try. Stop drinking soda: deal. Less sugar? Say no more. I need a tonic in the morning: deal! And then MAGIC! No, I’m kidding… no magic. Because I’m the princess of laziness, because I want results and I want them now. I want to get up and see the face of beauty in person. So I always drink soda, my Evian bottle rarely gets empty in a day, and sugar is still one of my best friends.

And then I finally understood after 482717 unsuccessful attempts at routines that the key is one thing: pleasure. Doing it out of desire, not out of frustration imposed by the networks or anything else. To do it with lightness and with the aim of taking care of myself. And not to transform myself. And take the time. Time to find the right products, the right routine. Rome wasn’t done in a day like a selfie isn’t taken in one sitting.”



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