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Self Space : the new ways of mental health

In the hearts of all our debates and conversations, mental health is on all the lips. Indeed, the recent events our humanity has been facing has brought to light the importance of maintenance for both body and mind. Conscious of this new problematic, Jodie Cariss – psychologist for 16 years now – made the choice to create Self Space. A concept mixing therapy and modernity which revolutionize the approach of mental health.

Beyond the healing aspect of therapy, Self Space innovates and offers a way more contemporary vision since 2018. You guessed it, it’s now time for a new way of therapy, here we focus on the daily maintenance of mental health. Consistency is key.

In order to renew the whole mental health approach, Self Space gives a full range of different types of therapy made by qualified professionals : individual or couple therapy, for business or students, no one is left behind. And if you’re not of fan of booking appointment by phone, the english concept has its very own app to make all the process easier.

And if you would like to try Self Space magic without having to fly overseas, videos sessions are an option you can try! Don’t wait anymore, take care of your mind!

Self Space
69 Rivington St, London EC2A 3AY
100 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LB


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