Sun, Sun, Sun : The SPF files

Jackets are staying in the closet, faces are getting more glow and temperatures are rising: no doubts, summer is finally coming! And despite the good days are coming back to us, we still need to stay aware. Indeed, even if it gets our skin and mind warmer, sun is not really a friend but sunscreen protections are! Here is the best of SPF for a peaceful summer.


First thing to know (and thrust us it’s a big one): sun can get you even behind clouds. This is why your face, on the contrary of your body, needs to be protected all year long. In order to do so, no panic, the skincare world is full of creams fitted for a daily use. For those who want to keep a glowy face at all cost, two options are possible:

  • The Hyalu B5 by La Roche Posay will seduce you thanks to its unique gel texture enriched in hyaluronic acid and its packaging, fitted to follow you everywhere you go. Available in pharmacies and some of general resellers, this sunscreen has a light finish without any white trace. No excuse to go out without it on your skin!
  • The ShadeDrops by Summer Fridays astonishing by its light texture reminding us of a serum will be perfect for the most skeptical of us. Thanks to its fast absorption and its glowy finish, the SPF step of your routine is now a real pleasure!

If classical SPF application is not for you, once more we got you to protect your skin easily. Choose the UV Drops SPF50 D+ for care to add directly in your day cream or the COOLA SPF mist to apply at the end of your routine for a light and efficient protection.


Oil, cream or spray, the body SPF offer is also generous. If oils are your favorites, the unavoidable Dry Sun Oil by SeventyOne Percent is a must-have. Enriched in mango and buruti oil, its summer scent will seduce you in a second. Moreover, it’s water resistant and respectful of seas and oceans, ideal combo to make it your new beach ally all summer long! If you wish to get a more intense protection, the Sun Body Oil from Rudolph Care and its SPF50 protection will also fit perfectly! Your skin will be moisturized, protected and sublimated by a ravishing smell, all this without a sticky or greasy finish.

For the cream team, the Body Lotion Solar SPF50 signed Woods, and available at The Care is to take in your beach bag from your first sun bath to the last one. Its non-sticky and natural finish elevate it to THE cream you’ll need this summer. No worries: its formula is free from bad ingredients, what else could we ask for!