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These 3 sports concepts you need to try in Paris

When we are caught up in the whirlwind of daily life, the need to evacuate all the accumulated tensions can quickly be felt. In order to eliminate all the bad energies and to energize our body, we have selected for you three places of the Parisian life where darkness rhymes with well-being and surpassing oneself.


Disconnect from the outside world with RIISE: a practice that combines vinyasa yoga and muscle strengthening. Vibrate for 50 minutes to lively sounds that will lead you through various postures to work all your muscles in depth. An innovative and unique yoga practice that vacillates between effort and mastery of the body and mind. You can find RIISE in the Marais, at 9 rue Charlot, but also in the Louvre district at 43 rue Etienne Marcel. And as the saying goes: to try it is to adopt it!



Let go with this brand new concept combining dance and fitness. No judgment, no pressure. Accessible to all, this dancing workout works the body, frees the mind and boosts the relational aspect by developing self-confidence and the link with others. A clubbing atmosphere that does so much good to the body and mind. We ask for more!


If there’s one place where you can push your own limits, it’s at Punch Boxing Studio! Combining boxing and bootcamp, this 50-minute concept makes you put on the gloves as fast as it motivates you to do sit-ups. An addictive experience that forces you to draw on your resources and develop a mind of steel. So are you ready?



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