What are we getting at The Care?

Usually, it’s quite complicated to find products that are breathtaking by both efficiency and ingredients and also by the packaging. No panic! The Care will soon be, without a doubt, your new holistic face care favorite place. We must say it’s one of the best e-shop we’ve ever encounter. A selection which will make your topshelf melt curated by the founder Yume Hadida, who was raised with traditional medicine rituals. Here are the products you absolutely need!

Start your morning with the vegan tooth paste with pepper mint from Selahatin, the perfect ally to start your day the right way with freshness and a gentle way to whitened this beautiful smile of yours. Then welcome the Soin Perfection from Alyscamps, perfect to improve your skin texture! Trust this magic cream on mornings and at night to soothe your skin. Moreover, you can combine it with the All Over Shine balm by (M)anasi, it’s the duo you’ve been dreaming of! Right between the moisturizing balm and the gloss, it’s the final touch to be hydrated from head to lips.

Once your skincare is over, it’s time for you to relax with the vegan nail polish from Karolin Van Loon which guarantee a long lasting and colorful manucure without bad ingredients. At last but not least, it’s time for the final gesture of your routine: fragrance! And to blow everyone you meet with your devine smell, Atelier Vesper created and elixir of neroli associated with floral and fresh notes. Indeed, Aestas is the freshness concentrate you’ll need to follow you all day long.