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Date: August 2022

Having long, healthy eyelashes: a reality for some, a dream for others! And to put everyone on the same footing, there are serums on the market that are there to strengthen and accelerate lash growth. So before going through the extensions, here is the selection of the editors for a doe eye! 1. Revi

Have you ever heard of the no make up trend? Well, this is the perfect option for the summer season! Because yes, in summer we have only one idea in mind: bet on freshness and lightness. The make up no make up will be our best ally in front of the temperatures which do not […]

If in the summer our desires are rather turned towards the beach and the swimming pool, we should not forget our interiors! And what could be better than a summer evening with the crackling of a candle to spend a moment as soothing as comforting. Standards has selected for you the ultimate in candle

Between meticulousness and galactic air, @f.bermann creates magical looks with precision and elegance. Her different makeup looks, each one as fascinating as the other, are distinguished by the precision of the strokes and the fantastic color palette. The Danish content creator and makeup artist ama

As the summer months bring sunshine and heat, so do the fragrances of the summer season. This summer, it’s time to dare and adorn yourself with must-have scents to wear without moderation whatever the occasion! Fragrances full of character or lightness, Standards has handpicked these bottles t

The holidays are finally here! But when you say vacation, you say departure, you say packing. And even if we would love to take our entire bathroom with us, a little organization is necessary. The editorial staff comes to your rescue and has selected, for you, the essentials to put in your suitcase.


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