5 back-to-school products

Summer has slowly left us to make way for autumn. So, to keep our summer complexion and start afresh on the right foot, Standards has selected these 5 products for you to adopt for radiant skin in all circumstances.

Fields of Yarrow – Papaya & Pineapple Enzymatic Cleanser, 65€
As we all know, cleansing is essential for the health of our skin. So it’s essential to use the right products. With its brand-new formula, Papaya & Pineapple Enzymatic Cleanser from Balinese brand Fields of Yarrow, gently exfoliates the skin without drying or irritating it, thanks to a combination of papain enzyme and pineapple extract. The complexion is fresh and luminous, and all impurities are eliminated, leaving the skin perfectly balanced.

Holite – Sérum Out Peau Nette, 55€
The sun cream you’ve been wearing all summer may have left your skin a little greasy, but don’t panic: this serum from French brand Holite will restore your skin to its former glory. Designed with three patented active ingredients, it regulates sebum production, purifies the skin and strengthens the cutaneous barrier, while providing just the right amount of hydration. Apply in the evening for significantly improved skin quality in the morning.

Sunday Riley – U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil, 84€
Back-to-school stress can bring its own little inconveniences. Among them: pimples, redness and skin imbalance in the face of a more hectic daily routine. Sunday Riley’s U.F.O. Skin Care Oil is here to save the day! Its cocktail of purifying active ingredients decongests pores, reduces marks and soothes inflammation. Use morning and night to get your skin back on track.

Rowse – Forest Body Balm, 90€
Because we mustn’t forget our bodies, which have been put through quite a bit of work over the summer, and soothe our skin from any sunburns we may catch, Rowse’s Forest Body Balm is simply perfect! Combining shea butter, Tamanu oil and Scots Pine essential oil, this balm enchants us with its scent and texture, deeply nourishing the skin in one swipe. A must-have.

Susanne Kaufmann – Eye Rescue Serum, 98€
Resetting your alarm and getting back into the swing of things can be tricky (and unfortunately, it shows right in front of your eyes). But don’t panic: Susanne Kaufmann’s Eye Rescue Serum lives up to its name! This refreshing serum has been designed to hydrate and revitalize tired skin, smooth fine lines and leave the eye contour fresher and more rested. Take it with you wherever you go for a well-deserved skincare break.

Photos by Lisa Raio for Standards Magazine
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