Kylie Skin: our top 3

After the success of her make-up brand named Kylie Cosmetics, the younger sister of the Kardashian-Jenner’s clan gets herself in our bathroom with Kylie Skin. Despite a glamourous packaging and a well prepared marketing communication, we were still far from able to buy one of these. Indeed, there where absolutely nowhere to shop in France. But since May, the brand is now available exclusively at Nocibé. Standards picked for you the 3 products that are worth it.

Kylie Skin – Foaming face wash, 29,90€
By combining softness and efficiency, this foaming cleanser is a true success. Integrate in your morning and night routine. A small amount is enough to deeply clean your skin from all the impurities of the day. If you’re a double cleanse lover, it will perfectly fit in your routine. Small bonus, its made with kiwi seed oil, an anti-oxydant that your skin will love.

Kylie Skin – Vanilla toner, 27,90€
To apply after cleaning your skin, the vanilla toner formulated without alcohol will restore your skin hydration and will tone it. Perfect to reduce the apparence of pores, we love it for its vanilla smell and its comforting side.

Kylie Skin – Eye cream, 24,90€  
With its ergonomic applicator that suits perfectly the eye contour and gives a gentle appliance, the eye cream by Kylie Skin deserves a lot of compliments. A formula rich in Vitamin C to reduce dark circles, jojoba oil and shea butter to deeply moisturize this very fragile zone. In a nutshell, a concentrate of beneficial ingredients: our eyes are pleased!

Three products that are standing out from the crowd but there are a few things to keep in mind: if you’re a clean beauty lover, you won’t be satisfied but all the components. Also, the face scrubs formulated with walnuts won’t suit the sensitive skin as those type of face scrubs are known to assault the skin.