A 360° beauty vision by COELHO BEAUTY

Like the hectic pace of the beauty world, COELHO BEAUTY offers a minimalist and global approach without compromise. A return to the essentials, fruit of years of work, which result by four multifunctional products. These four treatments, all finely studied, are based not only on a true ecological conscience but also on a conscience of the soul thanks to formulas elaborated through the prism of aromatherapy, phytotherapy, aromachology and dermocosmetics. A 360° beauty vision that provides physical and emotional benefits.

COELHO BEAUTY has created a natural, holistic and multi-functional routine that can be used for scalp, hair, face and body. The range includes a micellar cleanser, a treatment cream, a memory mist – perfect for giving your hair a boost – and a serum oil that provides deep hydration from head to toe. A “less is more” philosophy that will purify your bathroom and your mind!