Eye contact: the best of mascara

Even it it’s not under the spotlight, mascara is the star of our looks. For a red carpet style or a daily make-up look you made in 5 minutes, it’s still the go to you can go out without. Zoom on those 3 mascaras defying any competition.

Yves Saint Laurent – Mascara volume effet faux cils, 41€
At first sight, the fake lash volume by Yves Saint Laurent seduces us thanks to its couture packaging. With its gentle yet firm brush, it brings a volume you’ve never seen before while avoiding mascara pack. Its long lasting formula rich in argan oil will protect your lashes all day long!

Fenty Beauty – Hella Thicc Volumizing Mascara, 19,90€
New born of the Fenty Beauty f, the Hella Thicc shakes the mascara universe. At the first brush, your lashes volume is tenfold under every angle for an intense look. And as a good news never comes alone, be aware that it’s long lasting and you will not be disappointed!

Isamaya Beauty – Rubberlash, 35,89€
With its intense black shade and its brush close to perfection, the Rubberlash created by Isamaya Ffrench will offer you the look you’ve been dreaming of. The silicon brush separates your lashes one by one while bringing an astonishing volume going on until 16 hours! Your look is intense, elongate with subtlety.