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All about lymphatic drainage with Diane Giraud

Very popular technique, lymphatic drainage raises a lot of questions (and passion!). In order to know a little more about it, we asked some questions to Diane Giraud, expert trained by the famous Renata Franca method.

Hello Diane, first of all, let’s start with the basics. What is lymphatic drainage?
Manual lymphatic drainage is a body massage to boost lymphatic circulation with pumping and smoothing techniques. With the Renata Franca method, the maneuvers are quick and tonic. Some areas may be sensitive, it is not a relaxing massage for everyone!

After how many sessions is lymphatic drainage effective?
The effects are felt from the first session! The belly deflates, the legs become slimmer… All this is due to the excess of lymph that is evacuated thanks to this technique. It is therefore necessary to drink a lot of water after a session to eliminate waste and toxins by going to the bathroom. The effects last more or less time depending on your metabolism and your lifestyle.

What can lymphatic drainage act against?
– Aesthetic applications: edema = water retention, “post” legs, heavy legs, bloating, constipation, PMS symptoms, cellulite, prevention of stretch marks, improvement of scarring after surgery and acne.
– Therapeutic applications: migraine, stress, chronic inflammation, digestive system diseases.

What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage on the body?
It cleans and detoxifies the lymphatic load of the connective tissue. It increases the transport capacity of the lymph and its flow. It increases the reabsorption of tissue fluid by the blood capillaries. This leads to a better motricity of the intestines and a detoxification of the muscles. Moreover, it promotes relaxation by regulating the neurovegetative system. It puts the immune system in a better position of defense because it accelerates the transport of lymph and cleans the tissue and lymph nodes.

We feel lighter and freer in the head also, more positive and more ready to do good because we wish to optimize at most 1 session and therefore we make sport, we walk, we eat healthy we drink only water 🙂

Are there several methods of lymphatic drainage?
Yes, the Renata Franca lymphatic drainage method, which has been talked about a lot in the last year, is the most recent method and is tonic. It also acts on the venous return and thus the feeling of heavy legs (different from the “pole legs”). The drainage method of Dr. Emil Vodder (the most widespread among physiotherapists and which is reimbursed by the social security) is the oldest (1930) and is very soft and slow.

How does a session take place?
After having settled on the massage table in underwear, the therapist comes to carry out the drainage techniques with oil on the limbs of the anterior face then on the posterior face. The session lasts 1 hour. It is also possible to take before and after pictures or measurements to see the difference.

Can we do some lymphatic drainage movements at home?
Yes, by doing pumping maneuvers – like waves with the hand, above the collarbones, the armpit, on the lower abdomen, in the groin, in the popliteal fossa, on the ankle – these are the lymphatic zones that are interesting to empty before performing smoothing on the target zones.

Thank you so much Diane for your time!

Illustration: @ameillustrations for Standards Magazine


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