Supreme wellness by Alaena

Suspended place in space and time, House of Alaena is a true gem pushing you to let go. Full of serenity, its Parisian view soothe us from the first step in. Up there, city noises turns to murmur and pressure subside, making some room for ultimate relaxation in an exceptional venue in the 10th district.

In a care menu full of treasures, Standards eye stopped on the signature care of the house : the Alaena bio supreme massage. Get away for a hour of care inspired by Tui Na, a well known technique in the traditional chinese medicine to say farewell to all the tensions. In between softness and force, this massage is the soothing care at its best. Once it’s over, enjoy a tea with a wonderful view on the french capital city to make this moment perfect from every angle.

Maison Alaena
32 Rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris