Paris: the best facialists

We are living in an unprecedented period where stress sometimes tends to take over. And in the face of all of this, it is important to continue to take time for yourself in order to relieve all the pressure and tensions that build up especially on our face. For you (and for the greatest happiness of our skin), Standards set out to meet the best facialists in Paris.

Elaine Huntzinger

Real expert in her realm for more than 15 years, Elaine Huntziger combines acupuncture and chinese medicin in her facials. “I don’t just take care of the face, I act deeply on the whole body” explains Elaine who, thanks to a solid knowledge transforms a simple facial treatment into a tailored wellness gateway regarding the needs of your mind and your body.

The rejuvenating face care take several steps. Firstly a treatment with acupuncture is made along with a homemade sheet mask rich in chinese herbs, made by Elaine herself. It’s the perfect combo to get rid of stress and tensions. Then you can enjoy a LED treatment in order to stimulate collagen and your skin. Finally, it’s time to meet the Gua Sha: with a energetic yet pleasant massage, Elaine sculpts your face and your neck, the perfect way to end a facial. To do often for better results.

12 rue de Crussol – 75011 Paris

Delphine Langlois

You might know her name and for a good reason: Delphine Langlois is among the pioneers of facial massage in France and precisely in the capital city. Real master in the field formed by internationals experts, her know-how is obvious in her gesture which will transform your massage in a magic moment. Precise and energetic, Delphine elevates this wellness moment into a luxury tailored experience.

In addition of an amazing technique, she also loves to share her knowledge. Indeed, if you want to bring at home a piece of Delphine’s magic, you can get her book “Apprendre l’auto-massage avec Delphine Langlois“, available on her e-shop in the digital or physical version. On the other hand, she’s the co-founder of The Facialist Academy, first school to train for being a facialist, for ours faces’ happiness.

41 rue Boissy d’Anglas – 75008 Paris
72 ter rue Sartoris – 92250 La Garenne Colombes

Diane Giraud

It was by studying biology and physiotherapy that Diane became aware of the body and its musculature. This relationship with the skin, Diane sees it today as a very personal and holistic approach. The facial massage offered by Diane is a tailor-made protocol where techniques and tools vary depending on the interaction with the person and their own sensory experience. During this treatment, Diane uses only natural products and is keen to find the best massage instruments to give you a unique and exceptional moment.

After 1 hour, the before / after effect is spectacular! Thanks to her intuitive and emotional work, Diane precisely targets the needs, which is noticeable immediately after the massage. The skin is decongested, blood circulation is improved and a healthy glow is guaranteed!

53 rue Bichat – 75010 Paris
Ou à domicile

Martine de Richeville

Martine de Richeville starts from the postulate that “The face is the expression of the mind“. And it is true that we instinctively notice, even without knowing the person, when the latter is jovial or, on the contrary, when they seem upset. And this can also be seen on our own facial features. Faced with this, Martine de Richeville has developed a 3-step protocol. The first is to resolve tensions. The second, to work locally by effleurage, palpate-roll and lymphatic drainage. And the third completes all the work done upstream and ends at the oral level.

Completely manual, this facial massage leaves nothing to chance. Martine de Richeville, thanks to her great expertise, precisely analyzes the areas to be worked. As you go, you feel your face relax considerably. Performed regularly this message also slows down the natural aging of the skin. Why deprive yourself of it?

13 boulevard Malesherbes – 75008 Paris
20 avenue Bosquet – 75007 Paris