Small talk with SeventyOne Percent’s founders

What is your morning routine?
Marc : I wake up with a glass of hot water to awake and purify my oganism, I got that advice from Guillaume Nery, apnea world champion. My two daughters wake up at the same time so I take care of them with my wife. Once I’m at the office it’s time to drink coffee and read the news. My day at work can start!
Raphaël : It usually start with one or two baby bottle’s strokes from my son. Then, music, a glass of water, and breakfast for all my family. I would like to tell you that I take an energy shot with an acaï bowl and some meditation but I can’t… In general, I finish my children’s toasts while they’re in the rush to go to school. Once I dropped off the three of them it’s time for our morning call with Marc on the way back. First words : “Did you ate something this morning?”.

How did the idea to create SeventyOne Percent came to your mind?
Marc : Surfing! Our practice needs technical products and there were not cosmetics that match our needs. So we decided to create SeventyOne, a brand that includes our values with the ambition of changing our relation with the sun. Protect from sun, not from fun!
Raphaël : We both are entrepreneurs, the idea was to start from a market study case, identify needs and try to mix work and passion. Today SeventyOne Percents is clearly an extension of us.

What is your SeventyOne Percent favorite product?
Marc : I love to project myself and I think a lot about the new products that will be released soon… Soon a new “hero product”! Today my favorite product is the Eco Sun Shield, a very high 100% mineral face protection, an ultra-technical formula with an oily base to optimize its water resistance and environmental impact. It is enough to work a little the texture so that the white mask related to the mineral filters without NANO disappears. I use it even more at this moment after a lunch break “boat / wake skate” which went very badly… I have a nice scar to protect on the forearm and months of rehabilitation too But that’s another story.
Raphaël : Second Skin! I think it’s the perfect product, the multipurpose balm par excellence, 99% natural, packaging in PCR, perfume, texture, nomad… I love everything! I believe a lot in its development potential. We very often receive new opinions and advice of use of our community, whether travelers or profiles more oriented “beauty”. From the mosquito bite to the night mask somehow. Lately, we’ve seen videos on Instagram with great make-up artists who have awarded the second skin for a “perfect natural glow” – it’s just great!

Marc Levy & Raphaël Vannier, founders of SeventyOne Percent – Nice, France. @seventyonepercent