The softness of Neroli by PINKWONDER

There are scents and textures that leave no one indifferent, right from the very first application: the Neroli line is a perfect example. Developed by Korean brand PINKWONDER, the various products in the range, both complementary and different, are all rooted in an approach combining naturalness and effectiveness. Whether it’s the Neroli Brightening Mist, which refreshes and illuminates our face in a spray, or the Neroli Brightening Serum, which leaves the skin smooth and perfectly moisturized, or the Neroli Brightening Oil Balm Cleanser, which gently cleanses our skin, each step in this routine becomes an essential for improving the radiance of our epidermis.

Our favorite? Neroli Brightening Velvet Powder Wash, little sticks formulated with Nerolitica™, the key ingredient in the Neroli line, that we can take everywhere with us and that leave our skin incomparably soft!

So if you’re looking for products for healthy, luminous skin, look no further than the Neroli line.