These 5 new make-up products not to be missed

In the world of makeup, new products are constantly coming out; between new shades and innovations, it is sometimes difficult to find your way. In order not to lose track, Standards has gathered for you all the new make-up products you shouldn’t miss.

Hermès – Plein Air, Iridescent Mineral Powder – Corail Mojave, 96€
If you are looking for a natural and luminous powder, then don’t hesitate! Inspired by three elements of nature: air, sun and earth, the pearly mineral powder H Trio from Hermès will sublimate your complexion with delicacy. At Standards, we love the “Corail Mojave” shade with its coral hues that echo the last glimmers of the sun before it sets. A new product that is already a must-have.

Blushed – Le Mascara Endless, 32€
Freshly arrived on the market, Blushed offers clean and effective make-up essentials that take care of our face. Combining beauty and efficiency, the Endless Mascara features a fine brush that separates lashes beautifully for an effect that is not only natural, but also restorative. Enriched with plant oils, the mascara also contains the patented Akosky®Azuk active ingredient, which boosts growth and activates lash growth. A multi-faceted product that will seduce you from the first use.

Fenty Beauty – Icon Velvet Liquid Lipstick, 29€
If you want to have a makeup with the same intensity as Rihanna’s at the Super Bowl, then look no further, the Fenty Icon Velvet Liquid Lipstick was part of the show (in the shade “The MVP”)! Its creamy, whipped texture transforms into a perfect matte finish. One swipe is all it takes to get a result worthy of the most beautiful beauty routines. The little (big) bonus? Its unique formula provides all the comfort you need and will never leave your lips dry.

Laura Mercier – Real Flawless Foundation, 49,90€
A light complexion with optimal coverage: that could be the simple definition of the new Laura Mercier foundation. Enriched with Perfecting Color technology, it reduces skin irregularities while leaving a natural finish. It also features Auto-Balancing technology, which works to deeply moisturize the skin and regulate excess sebum. A two-in-one product that combines efficiency and care.

Rare Beauty – Dicovery Give Yourself Grace, 33€
Admit it, you could buy this palette just to display it in your bathroom (and you’d be wrong to deprive yourself)! Beyond its beauty, the Dicovery Give Yourself Grace Eyeshadow Palette enchants us with its seven rosy shades, each of which deserves to be celebrated in its own way. A most desirable product for a successful makeup in all circumstances!

Photo by Maccé Studio for Standards Magazine