5 moisturising creams for this winter

With the cold of winter, our skin suffers the full force of external aggressions and often finds itself dry, red and dehydrated. So to combat these little annoyances, Standards has selected 5 creams that will restore your skin to its former glory.

Summer Fridays – Rich Cushion Cream, 57€
Stand up to the winter weather with Rich Cushion Cream from American brand Summer Fridays! A creamy texture that’s a pleasure to apply, leaving a slightly glowy finish for a fresh, moisturised complexion all day long.

Susanne Kaufmann – Nourishing Day Cream, 70€
With its light, quickly absorbed texture and subtle, pleasant fragrance, Nourishing Day Cream is ideal for giving your skin a boost. Enriched with a unique blend of hyaluronic acid, schisandra fruit extract, jojoba oil and Alpine rose extract, it will protect your skin from all the little annoyances of everyday life.

Oio Lab – Superpause, Restorative Facial Cream, 70€
In the category of innovative creams, Superpause is undoubtedly at the top of the list! In fact, it has been designed to treat skin changes during hormonal transitions, including the menopause period – from perimenopause to post-menopause. An ultra-rich formula that will support your skin in all circumstances, leaving it looking smooth, restored and revitalised.

Soeder – Natural Face Cream, 67,76€
With its light yet perfectly moisturising fluid, Soeder’s 100% natural, vegan cream is the perfect ally for cold winter days! A neutral, natural product that will delight all skin types.

Photos by Nicolas Mingalon for Standards Magazine