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Beauty moment with Safya

Safya Drissi, 28 years old, Freelance communication and marketing digital + content creator – Poissy, France. @blackmaroccan

What is your first beauty gesture in the morning?

My first beauty step in the morning is to start my beauty routine after washing my face with cold water! 

What is the makeup trend you can’t live without?

There are two makeup trends that I have been following for the past few years.

The first one is to apply my blush with a “sunburn” effect, I really like the look and I can’t get enough of it! I use the Everlasting Blush from KVD Beauty in Poppy and I always get compliments when I wear it.

The second trend is faux freckles, it has become an obsession – haha! I like the “natural” side it brings to the makeup and it’s really a step that has become part of my routine. The days I forget to do them I feel like my makeup is not finished!

Your favorite skincare brand?

My favorite skincare brand right now is Drunk Elephant. I discovered the brand last year when it came out in France and since then I’ve been using practically nothing but it! I especially love the retinol cream, A-Passioni™, which I apply at night and it gives a visible smoothing effect first thing in the morning. 

The product you take everywhere with you?

My eyebrow soap! It’s really a must-have!

And finally, if you had a beauty or well-being tip to give to Standards readers?

My best advice: remove your makeup in 2 steps, first with a micellar water and then with a makeup remover gel. It seems logical but when I talk to my friends I realize that it’s not!

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