Beauty tips and confessions with Sarah Brown, Founder of Pai Skincare

Hello Sarah, thank you for giving us some of your time! First of all, what is your morning routine?

I keep my morning routine super simple because I’m always rushing to get the kids to school. I invest more time in the evening as my bookend to the day.

I kick off with a gentle cream cleanse using Middlemist Seven. It’s a really clever formula that is completely detergent free so doesn’t strip the skin – and contains Camellia Oil which leaves the skin plumped and supported.

I then spritz with our new Century Flower mist, before applying moisturiser. Mists are brilliant for layering in hydration, so I sandwich it between products all the time. It’s a really good hack. This particular mist has Hyaluronic Acid and Magnesium which seals in added hydration and strengthens the skin barrier.  

I finish with our mattifying moisturiser, The Pioneer. This is the first product I ever formulated (hence the name) and I’ve used it for over 12 years every morning. It provides the perfect level of moisture for my skin, that’s long lasting, but isn’t at all greasy so it’s a great base for make-up. It’s a mainstay in a lot of make-up artist kits for this reason. 

Last but not least, I finish with  British Summer Time SPF30. If I’m going out I mix in a half drop of our The Impossible Glow bronzing drops as it gives you this amazing  lit-from-within glow (and the illusion of 8 hour sleep). 

What is the product you never leave home without?

Right now it’s our Peptides Concentrate. This is a powerhouse in a small package. Peptides stimulate the skin to produce collagen and I’ve seen such a marked improvement in my skin tone and texture since introducing it daily.  

As someone prone to sensitivity (I have a condition called chronic urticaria) actives used to be a risky business for me. This little booster packs a punch but is still kind to my skin. 

The handy size is great for travel as I’m on the road now a lot for work and I just add a few drops to my other products to super charge them. 

What are the Pai values that are particularly important to you?

I’m very passionate about our organic certification. Organic ingredients have extraordinary remedial properties but protect people and planet too. 

They are grown without the use of pesticides and are sustainably cultivated and harvested. End of life is considered too – ingredients have to be non GM and biodegradable so they don’t impact our rivers, oceans and wider ecosystems when they go down our plughole. These certification standards help us to operate as a responsible business, which in turn helps me sleep at night.

Tough question: what is your favourite Pai product?

This often changes depending on my skin needs and the seasons. My current favourite is our Resurrection Girl mask made with the mind boggling Resurrection Plant and Blue Tansy. I use it without fail every Sunday when my skin is usually at its most tired and dull. It instantly brings my skin back to life. It also gives me a rare 10 minutes of calm to dedicate to myself. 

And finally, would you have any advice for future entrepreneurs who would like to start their own cosmetics brand?

Make sure that what you are doing you are truly passionate about and has a higher purpose beyond making money. That way when things get really tough (which they do, and regularly) your driving raison d’être will get you out of bed every morning, week after week, month after month and year after year. Brands and businesses take much longer to build than people realize and are constantly evolving, so you need to be fully committed and up for the slog!