Meet Olivia Choi, founder of PINKWONDER

Hello Olivia, first of wall we wanted to know what brought you to create PINKWONDER?

Hello Standards! Thank you for having me. What you need to know is that during my teenage hood, I’ve been through tough times with my skin. It was a true complex. Indeed, I had an atopic skin with a lot of imperfection on top of it, I was so sad about it that it kept me up at night. I wasn’t happy and was constantly asking myself “what would my life be if I had a better skin?” I then decided to do a lot of research about skin health and I succeeded to solve my skin problems step by step and obtained a healthier skin. It’s from this moment that I thought: I want to help all the person dealing with the same issues because I know how hard it can be. Then everything came pretty naturally, I started to create products and in establish PINKWONDER’s identity, everything was like an evidence.

PINKWONDER in a few words? 

Trust is really the core of our brand. Trust because we want to bring confidence to people suffering from skin issues that can also bring a lack of harmony with oneself. It’s indeed really important to give that confidence I hadn’t when I was younger. And of course trust in our products, we’re really transparent regarding where we source our ingredients and the manufacturing process of the different PINKWONDER lines.

Another dimension that seems important to me, it’s this timeless notion. We don’t follow trends, we want to keep our identity so it can stay in time and trough generations. All my family is using the products, let it be my daughter or my father in law for example. PINKWONDER is really timeless and transgenerational.

What are your favorites PINKWONDER products? 

I clean my face with the Jojoba Toner and always have the Jojoba Oil with me. When I feel a bit tired, to boost my mood and my energy I love to use the Neroli line who revives and brightens my skin in a blink of an eye.

To finish, do you have any projects to come for the brand?

We’ve just enclosed our Paris event, The Room, in collaboration with you guys. The team and I were really happy to get the chance to meet all those lovely people. They are now members of the PINKWONDER family and we hope to see everyone soon around other events and to meet more people in Paris or in Europe!

And small exclusivity: I’m actually working on a new line for the brand with an anti-aging focus, with new technologies in partnership with the Bologna University in Italy, I can’t wait to unveil this!