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Manucurist: the green nail polish that respects your nails

What could be more satisfying than having a beautiful manicure? Indeed, being beautiful right down to the tips of our nails gives us that dose of self-confidence that proves to be a great ally in our daily lives. What if we told you that we could combine hand beauty, care and a totally clean composition? That’s the challenge launched by Manucurist!

At Manucurist, all the nail polishes are organic, made in France with vegan ingredients. A formula which takes care of our nails in depth with ingredients such as potato, corn, manioc or cotton. Non-toxic components, even for semi-permanent nail polishes which are more prone to allergies. And with its eco-responsible packaging, the brand does good for our nails but also for the planet!

In terms of style, there is something for everyone! From red to yellow, from iridescent to glittery, Manucurist makes it difficult to choose between the different colors offered. Three collections are on the program: Positano, Guinguette Party and Flash Back in collaboration with the famous swimwear brand Albertine.

Adopt the right tips for a perfect manicure

For a beautiful, long-lasting manicure that won’t affect your nails, give them all the care they need and select the right products for optimal preservation. Start by diagnosing your nails on the Manucurist website to find the most suitable routine. Then file your nails, remove the cuticles with the Effective Emollient and moisturize them with the Green Oil. To stimulate absorption, leave a warm towel on for 5 minutes and remove the excess with the dissolving water to accommodate a treatment base designed for your specific nail problem.

And that’s it! Your nails are ready to receive the nail polish of your choice! Use the Base coat and then apply two coats of nail polish, followed by the Top coat to finish. You can also opt for their Flash Green semi-permanent nail polish range, which can be removed as easily as a nail polish. And once your nail polish has reached the end of its life, you can use Green Remover Water which, unlike the usual aggressive and chemical removers, is different because of its clean composition without acetone. Your nails will never be dried out and will thank you for it!


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