Nüssa or the romance behind the science of botany

Nüssa is a 100% natural, vegan, certified organic and made in France brand. Founded in 2015 by Sandrine Sixtine, it aims to get back to basics in a simple and transparent way. Indeed, transparency is at the heart of the brand, whether it is the transparency of the formulas, the transparency of the origin of the ingredients, as well as the transparency on its environmental impact. Thus, Nüssa uses glass bottles, paper made from sugar cane residue, organic cotton pouches. In addition, Nüssa works in partnership with non-profit NGOs to replant trees around the world, with local farmers, family cooperatives and small productions. In short, the brand is committed not only to our skin but also to our planet.

Nüssa – Huile aux fleurs repulplante, 72€

This blend of rose oil, sesame oil and cottonseed oil helps moisturize, plump and illuminate the skin from the first applications. It penetrates quickly and leaves a matte finish, allowing you to apply further care if needed, or to apply makeup directly.

Nüssa – Huile de nuit cocooning, 39€

Composed at 70% of precious Marula oil, Huile de nuit cocooning allows the skin to regenerate overnight, and to stay hydrated until the next morning. Its little extra: the smell that takes us on a journey through our olfactory memory: a soft and comforting scent, ideal for falling asleep.

Nüssa – Huile sèche éclat corps, 42€

This dry oil composed of jojoba oil and camellia oil is applied all over the body to leave a satiny veil of hydration. No need to wait to get dressed, it dries at a blazing speed! Convenient for those in a hurry among us! Small tips from the editorial staff: pour a few drops of this oil in your bath to bask in it.