Tata Harper: the perfect clean beauty routine

In the most desirable beauty brands, Tata Harper undoubtedly has her place on the podium. Originally from Colombia, the founder of the eponymous brand, aware of certain issues related to the beauty industry, had the deepest wish to develop a non-toxic routine. It is therefore with complex natural formulas and products rich in active ingredients, that Tata Harper seduces us literally. Review on the most luxurious clean beauty routine.

Illuminating Moisturizer, 78€

The basis of all beauty routines, it is an effective day cream adapted to your skin type. With this moisturizing fluid based on diamond powder and hyaluronic acid, you will not be disappointed! This little one uniformizes the face and illuminates it immediately.

Illuminating Eye Crème, 105€ + Rejuvenating Serum, 110€

One of the big complexes in the morning facing the mirror: dark circles under the eyes. With this Illuminating Eye Crème, also based on diamond powder, your look will be instantly brighter. Apply in small amounts (lightly pat around the eye area to allow more penetration and blood flow to this area). And if you are looking for an anti-aging serum, then you can stop your investigation. With 29 active ingredients, Rejuvenating Serum reduces wrinkles, firming skin and even skin tone. An essential!

Nourishing oil cleanser, 75€ + Regenerating cleanser, 77€

For double cleaning addicts, Tata Harper has developed wonderfully effective and clean products. Nourishing Cleansing Oil gives off an exquisite smell and leaves your skin feeling fresh after rinsing. Its moisturizing and non-greasy effect, brings a real sensation of comfort. Ideal for dry or dehydrated skin. The Regenerating Cleanser, meanwhile, is not without rest! This gentle 100% natural cleanser with apricot powder exfoliates the last small impurities and leaves the skin smooth and luminous.

Photos credit: Lisa Raio
Set design: Julia Dagood