These 5 allies for a perfect me time

When the urge to press pause arises, don’t let it slip away! This month, “Me, Myself and I” is in the spotlight, and what better way than with a handpicked selection of products to accompany your moments of calm, relaxation and reconnection? So here we go, take a deep breath and let us guide you to a perfect me time.

First of all, taking time for yourself starts very often in the shower or in your bath. To do so, if you are lucky enough to have a bathtub, sprinkle it with CBD bath salt from Equilibre, which with its large grains of pink Himalayan salt infused with CBD, will provide you with unparalleled soothing. At the end of the treatment, do your dry brushing with the Body Brush by Bazar Bio which allows to stimulate the blood circulation as well as the lymphatic system and to eliminate toxins. Then, apply the Soeder Natural Lotion which, with its cold-pressed organic oils and shea butter, protects and regenerates your skin. Take the opportunity to soothe your skin (and your mind) with the Oh My Cream Skincare SOS Mask, which will wrap your skin in a little oatmeal cloud. And to complete this moment, light a Cosmic Dealer incense stick with a 100% natural composition and made from wood, medicinal plants and Ayurvedic aromatic herbs.