These body scrubs to use without limit

How can we talk about the body without mentioning scrubs? As important as facial scrubs, body scrubs eliminate dead cells and impurities present on the surface of the skin, thus allowing for better cell renewal. And so as not to miss this crucial step, Standards has selected for you these five body scrubs to use without moderation.

Natureofthings – Cleansing Body & Scalp Polish – available on THE CARE, 49€
Thanks to its easy to work with texture, this scrub takes care of your entire body (scalp included)! After use, your epidermis is totally moisturized and your skin is soft and smooth. Its smell and the delicacy of its grains will make this product a must-have in your bathroom.

DIOR – Les Adorables – Gommage scintillant, 88€
With its incredible olfactory signature, as fresh as it is powerful, from J’adore Parfum d’eau, the brand new scrub from Dior takes us into a whirlwind of sensoriality, mixing the signature scent of jasmine with the velvety notes of magnolia for silky, luminous skin. An incomparable skincare ritual.

Costa Brazil – Exfoliante Para O Corpo, 125€
Minimalist in its packaging as in its approach to the product, Costa Brazil offers a brutalist vision of scrubbing with only finely selected natural ingredients. The result? A return to the essentials as we like them, with two watchwords at the center of the product: naturalness and rarity.

Susanne Kaufmann – Refining Scalp & Body Scrub, 85€
The Susanne Kaufmann scrub seduces us from the very first time we use it with its delicate and recognizable smell. The fine grains gently exfoliate the skin and leave it perfectly nourished. A small amount is more than enough to take care of your body from head to toe (so you can keep it with you for months)!

P.Lab Beauty – Coffee + sugar body scrub, 26€
If you haven’t had your latte or espresso yet, this scrub will wake you up just as much! With its natural coffee grounds (harvested and recycled in the Parisian cafés of the 11th arrondissement) and sugar mixed with coconut oil, this scrub with a hybrid texture transforms into a moisturizing milk on contact with water and leaves your skin protected for the whole day. A product of 100% natural origin which we could not do without!