Three brands that take care of the Planet

More than ever, it is important to consider our consumption and the impact it can have on our planet. And even if no one is perfect, we live in an eco-system that must be protected. Faced with this, some brands have chosen to limit their ecological footprint by working in a conscious and responsible way. Here are three brands that want to do good for the planet.

Edone Paris

It is well known that the products we use in the shower can be harmful to the environment, especially those containing aggressive surfactants that directly disturb marine ecosystems. Moreover, these different products produce a lot of waste. Aware of this, Edone Paris decided to combine aesthetics and ecology without neglecting the sensory aspect. The result is a shower gel that reconciles pleasure and eco-responsibility. This bottle with a simple and pure shape contains an innovative 100% recyclable eco-refill that is very easy to use. Both entities are made in France and the textures (shower gel, exfoliating shower gel, shower oil) are made in Provence and are certified ECOCERT COSMOS┬« Organic. So don’t wait a second longer to follow the movement!

La Bouche Rouge

While skincare brands are quickly taking the plunge into more responsible production, the makeup industry remains a bit behind on this subject. And if there is one brand that is a pioneer in this area, it is La Bouche Rouge. Since 2017, La Bouche Rouge has combined innovation, French know-how and eco-responsibility. Thus, the brand has created a lipstick formula without microplastic, without preservatives, without parabens, without kerosene and without animal fat. An innovative ambition that is also armed with rigorous quality control, ecological packaging and small production runs. A 360 degree approach that aims to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible with a French and reasoned manufacturing. In addition, La Bouche Rouge provides 100 liters of drinking water per lipstick sold, through the association Eau Vive Internationale in Togo. A beautiful brand with beautiful human and environmental values.


We were talking above about the harmful gestures under the shower for the planet, the shampoo is obviously part of it! In response to this, the young brand Utopy has developed a 2-in-1 creamy solid shampoo which, on contact with water, transforms into a dense and creamy foam. The brand’s products are made entirely by hand in their workshops in Lyon and all ingredients are sourced locally from organic and responsible sources. A zero waste approach examined in a conscious and environmentally friendly way. What more could you ask for?