When Charlotte Muller’s expertise combines with HigherDose technology

Nestled in the heart of a private mansion in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, Charlotte Muller’s new wellness space is a true haven for the self. Featuring a treatment room and several classes dedicated to female hormonal balance, this studio is a learning bubble where you can discover how to better understand your body and its needs, thanks to Charlotte Muller’s passion.

Among the treatments on offer, the regenerating HigherDose infrared x PEMF massage totally won us over. This unique protocol, developed by Charlotte Muller herself after extensive research, deeply regenerates the body using the HigherDose mat, which combines long-wave infrared and PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy).

This combination enables cells to be regenerated both quantitatively and qualitatively, two technologies that Charlotte Muller was keen to have on hand to prevent hormones from falling as the body slows down. In fact, hormones drop progressively from the age of 35 onwards. So this massage is there to energize the body with drainage and remodeling, and aims to improve cellular quality thanks to long-wave infrared which, along with PEMF, helps to regenerate cells more rapidly.

In fact, studies have shown that if you perform PEMF before a sporting effort, muscles will regenerate 3 times faster after the effort, and fat melting after the effort is 3 times higher. It’s also worth noting that, from the age of 30, everyone loses 10% of their muscle mass per decade. This massage is designed to support and prevent this loss of muscle mass and increasing hormonal decline.

The regenerating massage offered by Charlotte Muller is a true wellness experience, where comprehensive hormone management has been designed around Charlotte’s expertise and feedback from her customers. It will relieve bloating, digestive problems and reshape the body, all with tailor-made support and a 360° conception of femininity that only Charlotte Muller has the secret to.


Charlotte Muller Studio
9 Rue Chaptal, 75009 Paris

Photos credits: Andrane de Barry