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Date: May 2019

Memu Conteh, model – Sydney. @memu.conteh What is your first beauty move in the morning?My first beauty move in the morning is a splash of cold water , it wakens me up and it’s cooling.  The beauty product that you’ll love forever?Wow, I have many! But, I’ll keep it short.&n

“Less is more“: this is the motto of the Australian brand Dr. Roebuck’s. Created by two sisters, Kim and Zoé, the cruelty free brand was exclusively built around natural products (oat leaves, jojoba oil…). Inspired by their doctors parents and their lives near the ocean, Kim and

Change of season, tiredness, romantic dinner, vacay… In truth, all pretexts are good for a facial! And it’s at Oh My Cream, the now famous beauty concept store, that we found our happiness. Most shops in France have their own cabins; the opportunity to offer a real break well-being to reboos

Between all the sensitives zone on our faces, our lips are the hardest to please. How to care about them? The lip scrub Even if it’s the step we often forget about, it’s the most important. A gentle scrub once a week will help you to say goodbye to dead skin and allowed a better [&hellip

Xi Ying, 25 years old, university student – Austria. @lykkexii What is your best beauty ally ?That has to be concealer. When I‘m not in the mood for a full face makeup I only use concealer and I‘m good to go. What inspires you for your make up ?Right now, my focus is on recreating [&hellip

Self-acceptance, few words that seem so simple but require so much work. I was not born with self-confidence, although I was never really complexed, I had this small difference that bothered me: stretch marks. As my body evolved, he embarked with him these little lines on my hips. I hated them. I di

Clémence Allaire, 26 years old, project manager – Paris. @clemence_allaire How often do you do your care routine, and which products are you using? I do my routine every morning, it’s mandatory for me after a good shower! I cannot live without it. First, I use a water mist to wake my sk

“At a time when it has become (almost) impossible for a woman not to think about her beauty routine, her appearance, the real one, the one you see in the mirror at 8:30 in the morning, with your face puffed up and crumpled up by the pillow; I finally took an interest in mine. And […]


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