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Date: July 2020

In addition of being the founder of one of the most promising skincare brand, Indie Lee is also a survivor. Victorious from a fight no one thought she would win, she came to the conclusion that all the things we apply on our faces, as well as the things that we eat and drink, can […]

Between night and day face creams, serums, oils, eye cream, your topshelf can quickly get overwhelmed and it gets harder to follow the rhythm. We’ve all been stuck in this search of a perfect skincare routine, surrounded with thousand of products in order to offer the best to our skins. This s

Every summer, our bathroom turns around to make room only for sun products and other soothing products that are very necessary after long exposure. In order to better understand this period and to avoid bad sunburns, Standards has drawn up a little guide for you to consume without moderation before

The ultimate technique for deep skin cleansing, double cleansing, as the name suggests, consists of two key steps. The first consists in capturing and eliminating the fatty substances present on our epidermis. The second requires a water-based product, such as a milk, gel or cleansing foam, and will

After the success of her make-up brand named Kylie Cosmetics, the younger sister of the Kardashian-Jenner’s clan gets herself in our bathroom with Kylie Skin. Despite a glamourous packaging and a well prepared marketing communication, we were still far from able to buy one of these. Indeed, th


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