All in beauty with Lorélen Coriton

Lorélen Coriton, 26 years old, make-up artist – Paris, France. @lorelencoriton

How make-up came into your life and what are your daily inspirations to create looks?
Make-up came into my life during adolescence, in a time where you need to upgrade your self confidence, to explore and find yourself. At that time it was my therapy to learn, flourish and escape and it’s still the case now. To create my looks, I get inspired by what’s surrounding me. It can be colors in the sky, lights in a room, shapes, lines in a street advertising sing… But it’s also a research work on yourself for yourself. Social medias, magazines, runway shows… all of those things helps to renew, and to me this is mandatory, it allows me to propose bold choices to my clients.

What are your beauty and skincare must haves?
In skincare I’d say sunscreen! The rest is pretty obvious, but it seems that a lot of people are still neglecting sunscreen all year long. For make-up I’ll go for creamy blush, I can’t live without blush! I use a lot of Fenty Beauty and Rare Beauty. In my opinion a brown lip liner is essential as I love well defined lips. My favorites are the Brown fig from Dior and the Anywhere Caffeine from MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Let’s make some room for dreams, who is the celebrity you’d like to glam up and what look would you choose?
Zendaya, Dua Lipa, Valentina Zenere, Ryan Destiny… the list is long! But these days I’d really like to do a look on Jasmine Tookes. I’d choose something my vibe, which means natural, with an editorial touch.

What is your favorite daily look?
My favorite look is a fresh and light make up with, if needed, a smoked liner to enhance the look. Everything is in the foundation.

To finish, do you have a tip, a secret to share with us?
Sometimes when I’m done with the lips and if I feel that the make up is lacking some harmony I add a bit of what I used on the lips on the cheeks on top of the blush. Instant enhance of the look!