Damaged hair: advice from Adrien Coelho

Adrien Coelho, founder of Coelho Beauty and Salon Très Confidentiel, is a world-renowned hair expert in the fashion, art and cosmetics industries, with a rock-solid, sophisticated style. With his eponymous brand, Adrien has opted for a global, responsible approach to beauty that rejects all boundaries. All the formulas are designed for everyone and adapted to all skin and hair types, embracing everyone’s individuality.

For Standards, Adrien Coelho shares his secrets for dealing with damaged hair.

Hello Adrien, first of all, can you tell us what the first signs of damaged hair are?

Early signs of damaged hair include a rough texture to the touch, split ends, lack of shine, and a tendency to tangle easily. You may also notice increased breakage, hair that splits easily, or a loss of elasticity, which means your hair doesn’t bounce back when stretched. The significance of these signs is important as they indicate not only external damage but also potentially nutritional deficiencies or over-treatment that affect the overall health of the hair.

What actions and products do you recommend to deal with this?

I recommend using in-house products enriched with collagen and silicon, which are known to strengthen hair structure and promote hair growth. Collagen provides elasticity and strength, while silicon contributes to a healthy scalp and strong hair. Externally, provitamin B5 is known to maintain the moisture necessary for healthy hair.

Before shampooing, applying a serum oil, such as Coelho Beauty Serum Oil, can work wonders. It prepares the hair for washing by intensely nourishing it, protecting it from the aggressions of shampooing. Apply the oil serum to the lengths and ends and leave on for a few minutes, or overnight for a deeper treatment.

Any advice on how to maintain your hair over time?

  1. Gentle routine: adopt a gentle hair routine, using shampoos and conditioners suited to your hair type and free from aggressive sulphates.
  2. Moisturising and nourishing: alternate between moisturising and nourishing treatments. Collagen and silicon-based masks are excellent for restoring the hair fibre.
  3. Protection: before using heated tools, always apply a thermal protector. Also, limit exposure to the sun, chlorine and salt water.
  4. Regular trims: a trim every 3 to 4 months will eliminate split ends and keep your hair healthy.
  5. Balanced diet: a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly those that promote hair health such as silicon (found in bananas, green beans and brown rice), can help to keep your hair looking beautiful from the inside out.