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Food and wellness with Wild & The Moon

A “healthy mind in a healthy body”, we’ve all heard this maxim before, but what does it really mean? We had the opportunity to talk with Emma Sawko, founder of Wild & The Moon, a temple of well-being and a true Parisian institution.

First of all, we would like to know how did you get the idea to create Wild & The Moon?
It’s been my way of eating for a long time. When I created my concept store, Comptoir 102 in Dubai, I absolutely wanted to integrate a small canteen so that I could have my meals there and receive my friends for lunch. At the time, there was no restaurant in the city serving healthy, organic and plant-based food. I was told that no one would set foot in my restaurant!  Of course, that’s not what happened; our customers were fascinated by this healthy cuisine, they asked for more and wanted to understand better how to balance their plate… We had to expand, push the walls to add tables, open earlier, close later, animate conferences, workshops… And finally I created Wild & the Moon, a concept entirely dedicated to healthy, sustainable and committed food.

Have you noticed since the creation of Wild & The Moon, a change in mentalities and a greater attraction of consumers towards a healthier and more responsible diet?
Yes, of course. Any step in the right direction creates a virtuous circle. At the beginning, there is some criticism! “But they end up trying it, they understand that it is possible to make a delicious and balanced meal without animal protein, that the taste is more pleasant when there are no additives, that you are satisfied when your body has had its fill of vitamins and nutrients, and above all that it is a necessary commitment for the planet, the future and our children.

For you, how does a healthy diet like Wild & The Moon affect the well-being of a person? 
First of all, it is recognized that fast sugars (including products made from white flour), food additives, antibiotics (found in meat or animal products), pesticides from conventional agriculture and other horrors of modern food disrupt the delicate balance of the organism; whether it is at the endocrine level (and therefore metabolic) or on the intestinal flora which will act directly on the brain (therefore neurological). A healthy diet, free of these additives, will allow you to regain your form and well-being.

We also take special care to include in our recipes many “superfoods”, ultra-fresh fruits and vegetables, good oils, in short a selection of very powerful foods by their benefits that will act in synergy to give a boost to the body: fill up on vitamins and minerals, provide a boost of antioxidants, assist in detoxification … We feel a thousand times better!

And of course, it is also an ethical, almost spiritual approach: we act for the planet. It’s a way of consuming that engages us.

Your cures and juices are designed to meet certain needs. In terms of beauty, which juices/foods would you recommend and for which problems?
Generally speaking, a juice cure is a way to detoxify the body in an ultra-fast way. With a temporary caloric deficit, the body will be able to draw on its fat reserves and thus put toxins back into circulation, which can then be evacuated. It is the ancestral principle of fasting, but less tiring because the body is supported with many vitamins and minerals.

Like fasting, detox is a time to take care of yourself: you slow down and take the time to find yourself. Depending on the time you have, you can do one day (for example to free your belly after excesses), 3 days (for a little “reset” the time to find a flat belly and the radiance of the skin), but for serious things, we recommend 5 days; there you have a deep work!

To choose a treatment, everything depends on the desired effect:

  • If you are ready for an intense cure because you feel very “loaded”, that you function in slow motion, then the green cure will allow you to eliminate in depth
  • For more regular cures, when you are looking for a refreshing effect, a beautiful complexion, hair, a flat stomach, and decongested tissues, the Rainbow cure will provide you with a lot of antioxidants and vitamins that will give you back your energy and a very “vitaminized” energy
  • When you would also like to benefit from the cure but you are afraid of getting tired too quickly or you have to continue working, the “soup and juice” cure is perfect. It allows you to take advantage of the benefits of the detox, while remaining full throughout the day.

For you, what is the true definition of beauty? 
We often hear this modern wisdom today: “kindness is the new beauty”, and I find it very true. Kindness makes people awfully attractive.

Physically, I would tend to say that true beauty is free from fashion or age. It is a radiance from within, a beautiful, luminous and healthy skin, a solar energy.

What are your favorite Wild & The Moon products, and why?
Tough question, I only put products on the menu that I love! At home, we are big fans of granola with almond milk. My three children consume industrial quantities! Personally, I can’t do without my supermix, which I add to my vegan protein shakes. I vary according to my needs or the seasons, but it’s true that I quickly notice the effects on my skin, my vitality or my mood. And my favorite is our CBD oil. A few years ago, I had back problems and had trouble sleeping. It has become my “life-saver”! I just need a few drops at night at bedtime to feel relaxed and sleep like a baby, and I’m still using it. 


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