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Date: July 2019

Aya Barqawi, 24 years old, content creator, stylist and photograph – Amman, Jordanie. @ayabarqawi What are your essentials when it comes to your daily make-up routine?I always start with well moisturized, hydrated skin, and proceed with my routine which consists of bronzer, a bit of undereye c

There are days when we feel powerless, we feel like we need a “reset” button to press, days where everything just makes us exhausted. For those moments when you are on low battery, Standards found a solution. It’s in the 3rd district in Paris that Sandra, founder of Suisen decided

About to leave on summer vacation or already enjoying the sea? Standards made a special pick just for you of those buddies you can bring with you on holidays to enjoy a perfect summer! Glossier – Super Glow, 28€ Get a nice tan is good, but keep a radiant skin all summer is way better! [&hell

Cleansing your face is simply the essential beauty step; and with natural ingredients, it’s even better! Known for its custom-made creams, Seasonly  expands its range and delights us with its cleansing oil. Composed of three oils (safflower, coconut and calendula), this one, after rinsing

Too often neglected, our body also needs daily hydration. Beyond the natural products recognized as aloe vera or even karate butter, there are small marvels to the healthy composition for our skin. Here is our selection. Amalthea – Lait hydratant, from 12€ With its hydrating milk, Amalthea seduc

Between the envy of made in France, clean composition, and the need to take care of our skin with personalized cosmetics, it’s hard to make the right choice. Thankfully CODAGE Paris has gathered all of it. Specialized in nutri-elements, CODAGE Paris is the real MVP regarding customisable serum

Essential products of our beauty routine, scrubs can sometimes be too aggressive for our skin. The result ? Apparent redness and action on the surface that will not act in depth. Zoom on these gentle scrubs that want you only good! Oh My Cream – Poudre exfoliante, 29€ At the head of soft scrubs:


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