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Date: January 2020

Lovers of natural beauty products: welcome! Merme, the Berlin brand recently brought to the forefront of the French scene thanks to Oh My Cream, entered our bathrooms for our greatest pleasure. Each ingredient is carefully selected from all over the world in order to precisely target the skin’

The tip of the red nose, chapped hands, tight skin… Welcome to winter! Although in France temperatures are still quite acceptable, it is undeniable that our face and our body need more hydration. Zoom on these products which will make you like negative temperatures. Avène – Cicalfate, 6,99€On

Alice Barbier, 30 years old, fashion and lifestyle blogger – Paris, France. @jaimetoutcheztoi Which beauty products do you use in the morning?In the morning I start with cleansing with a camellia and rose gentle face cleanser from Pai. Then, I use an eye cream from Antipodes, a few drops of a


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