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Date: August 2020

He’s not always here in our bathrooms, and it’s mostly because the toner is a real mystery for some of us. What is its purpose? When should we apply it? What are the best toners? So much questions that won’t stay unanswered thanks to this complete revue. Usefulness and application

After the success of Fenty Beauty which has made a renewal in the make-up world especially with the plurality of foundation shades, Rihanna is here again to bring changes. Indeed, on the 31st of July, the Barbadian icon was announcing the launch of her skincare brand with a perfect campaign. Standar

Back to school season will begin in a few weeks, and with it will come doubts, fears and a lot of other friends that we would love to live without. We must admit that the past few months has been quite hard for everyone , they’ve been overwhelming, upsetting and all the changes that came [&hel

The quest for the perfect red lipstick is an often long road, paved with disappointments. To avoid any disappointments, Standards has selected, for you, these little wonders that illuminate our days and evenings. Dior – Rouge Dior (teinte : 999), 36€A true classic that leaves no room for dis

This is an opened letter to my boobs, but also to all the human beings on this planet that have some. Like me, you probably had some reproaches towards them, you also probably found that they were not perfect, that there were some things that can be fixed. If not, I beg you, give us […]


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