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Date: July 2022

While the market of clean beauty does not cease to see arriving new innovations, there is one which particularly held our attention and it is about Pace, a French brand of clean make-up which combines at the same time make-up and care. At the heart of the range, three products: a compact powder that

Natacha Morice, 29 years old, Producer of Loïc Prigent- Paris, France. @natachamorice Hello Natacha! First of all, can you tell us a bit more about your background?I’ve been Loïc Prigent’s producer for more than 5 years, before that I studied at Sciences Po and did an internship in fas

Summertime is finally around the corner! Sun, pool, beach and heat will be our companions for the next few months and despite the growing euphoria, we must remain vigilant. Indeed, it is not only our skin that we must keep an eye on, our hair also requires the greatest attention. Here is the editori


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