Lymph with Tehani Leprieur

Founder of Atelier Drainage Lymphatique, Tehani Leprieur is passionate about the body. In constant search of body wellness through sport, diet and therapeutic care, Tehani has developed her own method with precise protocols tested beforehand, as she herself explains:

I like to experiment on myself before I can propose a treatment or a product. I need to test it to approve it. That’s what I’ve been doing since the beginning of the Atelier’s launch.

And concerning our March issue, For the love of body, Standards wanted to know a little more about our body and in particular about the lymphatic system which we hear a lot about. And for that, we asked a few questions to Tehani, an expert on the subject.

Hello Tehani, in a few words, what is lymphatic drainage?

Tehani Leprieur: Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that allows the circulation of lymph to be revived. The objective is to bring up the circulation of liquids towards the emunctory organs with the aim of detoxifying and detoxifying the body.

What is the role of lymph? Why is it important to take care of our lymphatic system?

Tehani Leprieur: The role of the lymph is crucial since it allows the evacuation of toxins and waste from our body! It is a translucent liquid, fatty and parallel to the bloodstream. Since it does not have a pump to help it circulate, it tends to stagnate with gravity towards the lower part of the body (legs and stomach). The lymphatic system is present everywhere in the body, from head to toe! When lymph circulates, waste products are evacuated through the kidneys, through the skin (rash) and through the intestines. The lymphatic system is the key to health! Indeed, a bad circulation of the latter leads to: a slowed down metabolism, a bad immune system, a stagnation of liquids (cellulite), weight gain, intoxication of the lymph…

Who would you recommend lymphatic drainage to?

Tehani Leprieur: Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic treatment whose only contraindications are: cancer, lymphoma, chemotherapy, cardiac and renal insufficiency, recent venous thrombosis, antibiotic therapy or fever. It is perfectly suitable for people who want to detoxify their body because it is a detox (therapeutic treatment)! For pregnant women from the 2nd trimester onwards, for people who are rebalancing their diet, for athletes (to accelerate muscle recovery), for women suffering from uro-gynaecal problems (PMS, PCOS, infertility), for people with digestive problems, for people with watery cellulite (poor circulation of liquids) and for people who want to boost their metabolism and their immune system!

What makes your method different?

Tehani Leprieur: I was initially trained in Renata França lymphatic drainage but wanting to go further, I integrated in my protocol some osteopathy gestures especially on the visceral part (where the biggest part of the lymphatic system is) in order to get better results. Osteopathy and lymphatic drainage are linked since they both ensure the good circulation of liquids for a healthier body!

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