The Face Soul Yoga method

In recent years, we have seen different techniques related to facial yoga arrive in so many places. Far from the classic treatments, these gestures are often linked to the rejuvenation of facial features. And if this is indeed one of the components of facial yoga, Aurelia, the founder of Face Soul Yoga, sees this entity as a lifestyle in itself.

Indeed, a few years ago, Aurelia, who was suffering from health problems, could not find a remedy for her ailments.

One day I came across facial yoga. In 1 week I started to see the benefits, I reconnected to myself, to my body. It was a real game changer and I said to myself: “If it can be good for me, it can be good for others” – and that’s when I felt like sharing my method.

Aurélia Del Sol, FOUNDER OF Face Soul Yoga

After several trainings and through her different experiences, Aurelia thus founded Face Soul Yoga in 2019. For her it is important to integrate these rituals as actions in daily life, as a gesture that is an integral part of her life, all with kindness. Indeed, as she explains, in a society where we must constantly fight, it is essential to be more gentle with ourselves and to reconnect with ourselves, to see the skin as an organ that we take care of.

The Face Soul Yoga method integrates facial yoga, breathing, acupressure and self-massage exercises. You can discover and test it through 6 dedicated programs. Integrate these 10 minutes a day into your routine for visible physical and emotional benefits and take advantage of an intuitive support via the website or the application!